When Wheat Bread Isn’t Really Wheat Bread…

My last post focused on lunch options for kids who get sick of sandwiches everyday. Today’s post is geared towards those of us who, like my daughter, could eat a sandwich day after day (after day after day…). If that’s you (or your kiddos) choosing the best bread is essential to getting … Read more

Pumpkin Spice Donuts with Cinnamon Maple Glaze: Gluten- Free, Dairy- Free, Egg- Free

Halloween is on a Saturday so that means this year, I have a little more time to put towards the holiday breakfast routine. Start the “treating” early in your home this year with some warm, glaze-y goodness! Okay, so I know baked donuts are sort of a misnomer- they have more of … Read more

Thanksgiving Themed Snacks for Kids!

Each year, our family celebrates something we like to call “Thanksmas.” To teach our kids the value of giving to others and recognizing those in need, they each pack a shoebox full of Christmas gifts to send to a child in another country. Because the collection week falls just before Thanksgiving (and … Read more

Healthy (and Allergy-Friendly) Easter Basket Alternatives

Easter is around the corner, and while I love those marshmallow chickies as much as the next girl, I’m so enough already with the candy holidays. Yeah, we still have Halloween candy in the pantry. Don’t judge. Blue Cross Blue Shield through its Nourishing Arizona program has come up with a few … Read more