Tips for Busy Moms to Eat Healthy

One of the busiest people in the world is the mother. From giving birth to guiding the child while growing, undeniably, mothers are working 24/7 without asking for a payment. No percentage can total the hard work they devote to raising their families and securing every child’s future. Consequently, their health suffers from it all, which they don’t often mind due to the demand of natural duty.

Neglecting regular meals can result in osteoporosis, malnutrition, weak immune system, anemia, chronic fatigue, and mental fatigue. With that, eating regular meals should not be deprived and set aside because it has a big withdrawal if worsened. Indeed, health is wealth. But to avoid those problems, here are some of the hobby ideas for busy moms to maintain healthy eating foods while doing each duty at home and work.

Plan Meals to Do and to Achieve

Planning ahead meals is advantageous especially when the schedule in work is demanding. Start it every morning to jot down the meal for the whole day so it won’t collide with the other chores and duties. With this, the stress of what to serve on the table is less and hassle-free, especially when the ingredients aren’t in the fridge yet and you have to buy in the market first. It also sparks creativity in dishes because of the allotted time to think about what should be on the regular meal, what are the best on special occasions, and what can be the next included in the bento box of the children and partner in life. Another benefit is budget-saving, which is always the priority of every mom when going to the market.

To do a systematic meal-planning, mothers can:

  • Create a to-do list of meals a day
  • Create a calendar meal
  • Identify the suitable dishes per time blocks
  • Schedule market days for ingredients
  • Save a cookbook

Include Lots of Vegetables in Every Meal

Evidently, vegetables are healthy foods that everyone should consume to achieve a normal physique and well-being. Vegetables have low fats, rich in potassium, folate, dietary fiber, vitamin A and C. The amount may vary depending on age and condition, and it is best to consult a dietician and nutritionist for detailed and accurate information and advice.

Benefits Risks
Lower blood pressure High blood pressure
Reduce heart disease Heart disease and stroke
Improves gut microbiome Tooth decay
Prevent cancer Cancers
Reduce inflammations Osteoporosis
Lower calories Depression
Boosted fiber Diabetes
Glowing skin Overweight
Sharp memory High cholesterol
Good eyesight Eating disorders

Figure 1: Illustration of Benefits of Vegetables and Risks of unhealthy foods

Meal Planning Subscription

It may be a little cost, but the service is definitely worth it. Subscribing to a meal planning service will save not just every mother’s time in thinking of what to prepare but also the effort to take, especially when the time is limited. There, a wide variety of ingredients, generally healthy, are displayed and accessible privately, so it is also a bonus point to serve extraordinary dishes to families, friends, and mostly to every mother.

When considering meal-plan subscriptions, the subscriber is still responsible for buying the listed ingredients, which is good. It is because they can tweak the ingredients a little, either remove or change some options based on self preferences or conditions. The dishes can also be sorted into organized sets to consume every time block or occasion so the preparation is well ahead and less stressful. By just surfing on the internet, anyone can find different subscriptions but choose only the reliable ones with a validated background.

Planting in the Backyard

Planting vegetables at home is the most convenient way to get ingredients and is relaxing before and after a day of being a mother. It also helps the environment because it lowers fossil fuel emissions. By doing so, vegetables are assured safe, less cost in the wallet, and assured to consume healthy foods regularly. More than that, it creates bonds with family by learning together with the niche of planting and best seedlings for the home. Speaking of seedlings, there are proper procedures for each, and it can be understood through certified gardeners.


How to plant

Harvesting time


Sow from March to September. Plant directly into fertile soil, allot five 20cm between rows and 20cm between plants. Water it during dry periods and re-sow it every three weeks. 

Cut the leaves or until the stem if it is already big enough.


Sow from late spring to late summer, then expose 4-5 hours to the sun every day. Do not forget to water it, especially in dry periods. 

Within thirty to forty days of sowing, cut the top third of the mature stems.


Plant the rhizomes in loamy soils with access to direct sunlight, then water them in dry seasons. 

The best time to dig the whole ginger is when it is already eight to ten months old. 


Sow chickpeas one and a half inches deep with three to six inches spaces. Water moderately and do not move it harshly to keep the roots in place. 

Every after 100 days.


First, dry the chili seeds on a napkin in two to three days. Then spray it again before putting it in the soil. Sow it in the soil of about 2-3 cms deep, then water on alternate days.

Pluck every 5-7 cms long. 


Plant into the soil, then sprinkle with a little on top. Water evenly, and it requires good drainage. If the seeds become visible, thin them to six inches. 

Pluck when it’s already abundant in leaves.


Plant into soil six inches apart, then add some compost. Water evenly because it requires moist soil. Expose in the sun for more than six hours. Then after a week of planting, feed it with a portion of water-soluble plant food. 

If the length is high enough, then it’s ready to cut or pluck out. 


Eating healthy will be encouraged by doing exercise too. Doing it for at least thirty minutes a day can help every mother be energized for the whole day. Making it a priority as self-care before starting the day is not a guilt-hunter because every mother is worth it. In fact, it has benefits like reducing cancers, strengthening bones and muscles, improving moods, reducing blood sugar, helping to maintain the appropriate weight.

These days, there are a lot of doable exercises at home by just looking on the internet. There are also instructional steps, and if likened, join Zumba in a community or even online. With that, here are the suggested exercises that any mom can do

  • Lunges
  • In-place walking
  • Arm Curls
  • Squats
  • Stretching
  • Dancing