Fun Ideas for Throwing a Space Themed Party

There is nothing more than a birthday celebrant deserves than an entire party with the universe. Plus, a birthday celebration-themed around space is a lot of fun. Not only is it a uniquely lovely idea, but it could also be full of blasting possibilities. After all, nothing is much more magnificent than the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies!

So, if you’re looking or planning to throw an outer space-themed party for a family member, friends, or even for yourself, this article is for you.

Planning the Space Party

To start with, estimate the number of people who will be attending. As the host, this will assist you in planning the rest of the party’s specifics, particularly when determining how much food and party favors you are ordering. Remember to anticipate any additional visitors, such as siblings or spouses, who may have slipped your mind. Overestimating and being prepared is always preferable to running out of food or supplies.

You can begin working on the birthday party invitation once you have a rough estimate of how many guests will be attending. Online invitations are a simple method to let others know about your celebration. Also, you could look at some of the websites that provide a wide range of unique and customizable online birthday invites, ranging from flower to space-themed party designs.

Afterward, use your invitation to showcase the theme of your party to all of your attendees. This can be accomplished through the font or the design of the invitations themselves. Tell your visitors you’re throwing an out-of-this-world space party, or let the stars and the planet speak for themselves. Remember that making an invitation should be as much pleasurable for you as throwing your party. With that in mind, you could have fun while finishing the tasks, at the same time!

Decorating the Venue of the Party

Typically, blue, green, yellow, and black decorations that showcase the ideal look of outer space or refer to the galaxy are used for space-themed birthday celebrations. With that, the organizer must be on the lookout for these colors when preparing for space-themed party items. This is because they will contribute to the theme and overall vibe of the party.

Apart from the given color palette, below are some of the more specified party decoration suggestions:

Creating the Galaxy 

Not sure how to make your party feel like it belongs to its own universe? 

Keep an eye out for planet and galaxy decorations to help you in bringing out your ideas! Buying or building your own DIY background with planets and galaxies is an easy method to do this. In fact, a backdrop can be used anywhere in the party, but it’s especially lovely when used as the backdrop for your dessert table or in photobooths!

Rocket Ships, Astronauts, Aliens, and UFO Decors

When you’re surrounded by rocket ships, you’ll have the idea that you’re in space. Hanging toy-sized models of these flying spacecraft from the ceiling is a great way to incorporate them into your birthday designs. Moreover, this will add to the theme by providing the impression that UFOs or rocket ships are flying overhead. 

When it comes to additional guests, keep a few party hats on hand for them. You could even design alien or astronaut party hats for your invited guests. Besides, it is essential to know that it wouldn’t be an extraterrestrial birthday party without some extraterrestrial beings or astronauts scattered everywhere in the party room and play area. 

Another way to decorate a room is by using balloons and garlands. Balloon garlands are much easier to build than they appear. You just have to blow up the balloons and place them into the holes in the garland strips. But, of course, the color palette has to play a significant role in choosing the color of the balloons and garlands you are going to use as a decoration.

Additionally, you could try blowing up the balloons to different sizes to make your design look even more distinctive.

Preparing a Space-themed Party Food

Party Favors

If you want to use a regular triangular hat and you don’t want to hang decorations from the ceiling or use a backdrop, these ornamental themes can also be used to create space-themed meals and sweets. Simple party goodies can also be served for a space party, and you could fill the adorable treat bags with space party mementos. Through that, you can send chocolates, cookies, or any treats home with your visitors. By incorporating these ideas into meals or sweets, the design will not only include adorable dinnerware, but it will also have out-of-this-world “Have a Blast” treat bags!! 

Party Foods and Dessert Tables

Now that you’ve come up with some decorating ideas, it’s time to think of some interesting drinks and desserts to serve during the party. A dessert table stocked with sweets or snacks is a terrific way to continue the outer space theme while organizing the event’s refreshments. There are a variety of easy yet inventive recipes to choose from. 

Space party food can be a lot of fun and simple to prepare. Simple sugar cookies with fondant tops could work as long as they would play a part in the celebration’s design. Another thing you could do is to write the “word blast off” on the cookies with a food marker to make it more creative. Whether you are preparing pasta or tacos for the party, make sure to add little bit of space design to it. 

Moreover, other favorite meals and ideas that wonderfully tie the theme together could be fruit kebob rockets, alien cupcakes, milky way-themed candy bars, or gummy rings that could represent Saturn’s rings. 

Regardless of what foods you choose to serve on your dessert table, be sure you decorate the area around them, too. Balloons on each or either side of the dessert table are a fun way to draw attention to all of the extraterrestrial party desserts. You can even scatter some white and silver confetti on the dessert table if you want to have a more shining and sparkly design. 

Space-themed Cake

Party cakes are one of the most important aspects of a birthday celebration. With that in mind, the center of your dessert table is an excellent location for the space-themed birthday cake. Whether you’re baking, designing, and preparing it yourself or ordering it from a bakery, you could choose to add some designs like the moon, some stars, sun, or planets on your cake to have that outer space-themed birthday cake. Besides, the sky is the limit when it comes to what design you would like to have on your cake. Using a combination of the ideas above to construct your birthday cake and accentuate the theme is a terrific method to do it. The possibilities are endless. In fact, it could look like the Apollo landing sites or planets orbiting among the stars.

With these ideas at hand, you’ll be able to create a party that will definitely reach for the stars. While you can choose which portions of the ideas listed above you would want to incorporate into your party, the birthday celebrant will have a party blast. Also, with these, you’ll be able to show them that you love them to the moon and back.