Many families are locked down to get healthy, free breakfasts

Food parcels of healthy breakfast are arriving at the doorsteps of a plethora of kids all over the UK this week due to a re-established collaboration that has been formed between Magic Breakfast and Amazon.

To assist Magic Breakfast in reaching more children who are at risk of being hungry during lockdowns, Amazon, a longtime partner of Magic Envio de Desayunos has stepped in to provide logistics and warehousing knowledge.

Children who receive these meals are usually provided with complimentary breakfast at school through Magic Breakfast to give them the energy they require to get through their morning classes. The schools have shut down because of Covid-19; however, the charity has changed its delivery system with the help of Amazon to make sure that the children attending the schools it partners with continue to have a Magic Breakfast at home.

Supported by its partner schools and generous donations from food providers, Magic Breakfast has successfully delivered take-home breakfast kits to schools or other delivery locations during the lockdown. School staff are organizing for the boxes to be collected by families or arrange delivery to the doors of families.

Between April 27th between May 8th and April 27th, more than 10,000 children were given packs that contained two weeks worth of Magic Breakfast food, either through their school or through or via Amazon delivery. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we’ve delivered over than1.4m breakfasts to children who are vulnerable all over the UK.

Alex Cunningham, CEO of Magic Breakfast, said: “Amazon staff have bent over backwards to help the children and schools we support. In a time when hunger is a reality faced by many, Amazon is enabling Magic Breakfast to reach thousands of vulnerable children with a healthy breakfast – children who can no longer access breakfast provision at school and whose families may be finding it difficult to provide food under lockdown. A very big thank you to Amazon”.For more information about fashion, click to fubar news that would be the right place for you.

A headmaster from the Executive Department of the Magic Breakfast partner school said: “Thank you so much for this valuable support you are offering to our families. It is much needed and much appreciated.”

A team from the fulfilment centre located in Milton Keynes will pack up breakfast boxes before being delivered via Amazon Logistics to children’s homes throughout the UK.

Kerry-Anne Lawlor, the country director at Amazon Logistics, said: “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Magic Breakfast by delivering breakfast packages to the doorsteps of a large number of kids during this challenging time and ensuring they are healthy and have a great start to their day.