What is Protein Pasta?

Assortment of raw pasta: pens, shells, rigatoni, fusilli and squid on wooden background, top view

To produce pasta, a dough made of wheat flour, water, and/or eggs is frequently used. The dough is then molded into sheets or various shapes and baked by boiling or baking. Pasta is broadly categorized into two groups: dried and fresh. Although it can be created at home, the majority of dry pasta … Read more

What is Madai sashimi?

Red sea bream sashimi, Fresh Madai fish sliced by Japanese chef.

Introduction  Madai is also known as Japanese sea bream or red sea bream. It is regarded as a variety of white fish, or shiromi. Madai is frequently served as nigiri or sashimi in sushi restaurants. Madai is usually fried, boiled, and grilled.    However, madai might be too well-liked. Wild red sea bream … Read more

What exactly are Veggie Straws?

Veggie straws in a green bowl

Introduction A manufactured snack that is crunchy, salty, and frequently compared to potato chips is called veggie straws. They are promoted as a healthier alternative to potato chips, a tasty snack, and a way to eat more vegetables.  Despite the fact that there are several brand choices, Sensible Portions’ Garden Veggie Straws, … Read more

Top Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Top Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar, also known as the ‘miracle drink,’ has been making its way to every shelf in every store. The increasingly popular drink has received considerable popularity as people become aware of its numerous benefits. It can be said that it has officially been rediscovered as it has been in use … Read more

Packing Healthy Snack Bags for Long Car Trips

Dried Fruits

The sun is up, the sky is clear, and it’s time to hit the road! Whether you are traveling alone or with loved ones, taking a road trip is always an exciting experience. But finding healthy food at gas stations, convenience stores, and rest stops along the way can be difficult. Eating … Read more

Healthiest Foods to Eat While Playing Casino Games

salted peanuts

Online casinos are becoming more popular over the years, as many frequent casino goers are discovering the advantages or benefits of playing casino games on the web instead of in land-based casinos. One of the main advantages of online casino websites is their convenience, as you don’t have to commute, drive, or … Read more

What are the Benefits of High Protein Low-Carb Bars?

protein bars on a table

Many people today are into eating nutrition bars. They are perfect for those who are always on the go and those who are fond of working out. Among the many types of nutrition bars out there, high protein nutrition bars are the most convenient and quick-eat solution for athletes, bodybuilders, weight watchers, … Read more

Tips for Setting Up a Snack Station for Kids


Nutritious snacks are an essential component of a kid’s healthy diet. As children tend to be more active physically and mentally, they may not always consume enough foods at meals to support their needs. Appropriate snacking helps provide them vital nutrients missed during mealtime, curb their hunger, and keep them fueled throughout … Read more

10 Easy High Protein Vegetarian Snacks You Can Make to Go

Proteins abundantly found in animal food sources, are the main constituents of human cells. These building blocks required for the structure formation, function, regulation of organs and immunity are essential in one’s diet to repair cells in body and make new ones. Vegetarians and vegans need to rely on specific plant sources … Read more

You asked- I answered! 19 grab-and-go snacks for kids

With so many parents short on time, wouldn’t it be nice if we knew exactly which pre-packaged foods we could turn to in a pinch? Well, today’s your lucky day! I’ve hand-selected 19 pre-packaged food options perfect for school lunches or families on the go. Head over to SheKnows.com and see my … Read more