Holidays Are a Terrible Time to Try Losing Weight

Holiday Dinner

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, which means one thing: thanksgiving dinners and legendary Christmas parties! Maintaining a healthy diet might be pretty challenging this season, coupled with the lazy winter weather. While it may seem like the worst time of the year to be concerned about your diet, … Read more

Did Your Cat Accidently Eat Something They Shouldn’t Have?

A photo of a cat with its mouth wide open

Cats, like dogs, are naturally curious creatures. However, cats’ curiosity can occasionally get the best of them, which is especially true when they eat unfamiliar items. Ordinary objects such as rocks, rope, and old fabric are overlooked by humans. However, many cats, as life enthusiasts, aren’t afraid to try everything from toilet … Read more

Tips for Busy Moms to Eat Healthy


One of the busiest people in the world is the mother. From giving birth to guiding the child while growing, undeniably, mothers are working 24/7 without asking for a payment. No percentage can total the hard work they devote to raising their families and securing every child’s future. Consequently, their health suffers … Read more

Packing Lunch 101: Hooray for Entrees!

When it comes to school lunches, you can probably guess what the most frequent complaint I hear is: “They won’t eat what I pack.” Today we’re going to change that! I’ve got OODLES of entree ideas that are tasty AND satisfying (did I mention easy to prepare?). You might just end up … Read more

The Great Juice Debate…Continued

In my last post, I touched on the debate surrounding juicing vs. smoothies (which basically goes something like this- Juice 0, Smoothies 1). And while I had discovered a juice/smoothie product that sort of appeases both camps, I know many of you are still more inclined to head to your local grocery … Read more

Your Disneyland Healthy Eating Guide: Land by Land!

Theme park vacations can really frustrate our plans when it comes to providing healthy meal options for ourselves and our families. If you’re headed to Disneyland in California or Disney’s California Adventure, there are tons of healthy options if you know where to look. Here’s your guide to staying healthy at the … Read more

Should You Buy It: Protein Pasta

In today’s post I answer the question- “Is protein pasta a good choice?” When you look at grocery store shelves, protein is sort of the “it” nutrient among food producers right now. Protein powders. Protein bars. Protein breads. Protein Cheerios. And now protein pasta. Barilla Protein Plus Farfalle I’ve been asked a … Read more