Which is more Accurate-Angled or Straight Measuring Cups?

How important is the accuracy of measuring tools?Were you unsatisfied with the performance of your measuring cups in the last dish you baked? Do you think that it is the accuracy of your measuring cups that is keeping your dishes from being palatable and delicious? Measuring cups do matter. There are different types of measuring cups, and they provide varying levels of accuracy.

Your measuring cups’ accuracy determines the result of your entire effort involved in baking a cake, cupcake, or whatsoever it is. If you choose the wrong measuring cups, all the effort put into baking a dish will go to waste. Since none of us wants that to happen to us, we often try to look for the most accurate measuring cups available around us. This search pops up many confusing questions like whether the design of your measuring cup (angled or straight) determines how accurate it is.

Worry no more, for we have brought you a satisfactory answer to whether you should purchase angled or straight measuring cups. There is no need to waste your money by buying both of them and then analyze their performance. We have already done that for you. After reading this article, we are sure that your baked food would taste heavenly, so stay tuned.

Types of Measuring Cups

The two main types of measuring cups available in the market are straight measuring cups and angled measuring cups. These cups are available in different sizes. You can choose the right one, depending upon your requirements. They are usually made of stainless steel, Pyrex glass, and plastic. Several people argue over which one of the two types is more accurate. However, before answering that, let us look into each of them individually.

Straight Measuring Cups

Many people purchase straight measuring cups. They have a smooth and refined surface, often made of plastic or Pyrex glass. We can use these cups to measure both liquid and dry ingredients. However, you have to be very careful while measuring the ingredients with a straight measuring cylinder.

You may wonder how? Well, to measure your dry or liquid ingredients accurately with a straight measuring cylinder, you have to raise the measuring cup to the level of your eyes. After this, you have to view the markings in this position and measure accordingly. You can also lower your eyes to make sure that they are parallel to the markings. This can become difficult and irritating at times, but it is important to prevent parallax error while measuring.

Angled Measuring Cups

Angled measuring cups also have a high demand in the market. Many baking enthusiasts love them. These measuring cups have an angled surface made of glass, plastic, steel, and similar materials. They can also measure both dry and liquid ingredients. It is not difficult to accurately measure ingredients with them. Let us look into how you can measure the ingredients with angled measuring cups.

The angled design of this cup allows you to measure the ingredients from the top as well. This ends the ordeal of placing the measuring cup parallel to your eye level before measuring. That’s crazy. Right? The markings available are cups, ounces, and milliliters. They may vary from company to company. In short, these cups make measuring much more fun. But are they more accurate?

Which Is More Accurate, Angled, or Straight Measuring Cup?

Measuring cups come with different accuracies. We believe that angled measuring cups allow you to measure your ingredients more accurately. Although they are normally used to measure liquid ingredients, you can use them for solid ones too. It is their angled surfaces, which makes a significant amount of difference. These surfaces allow you to measure the ingredients while viewing the markings from the top as well. There is no need to bend down to position your eyes parallel to the markings. Therefore, these measuring cups are more accurate and easier to use.

However, some other factors have to be considered while choosing the right measuring cups. Let us have a slight glimpse of them as well.

Some Other Factors to Consider

Although the correct design of the measuring cylinder will have a considerable impact on your measurements, some other factors are to be considered as well. These are the material used to make the cups and the ingredients to be measured.

Correct Material for Manufacturing the Cup

Most experts suggest using Pyrex glass, plastic, or stainless steel for manufacturing measuring cups. Pyrex is said to be better than other glass types because it is more durable and does not get scratched easily, unlike other types of glass. Plastic is also used because it is easily available. However, it can be dangerous to put it in the oven. Also, plastic can bend if we use the cups to carry heavy ingredients like large amounts of brown sugar.

Steel is probably the best option because it will not rust, nor would it bend if heavy amounts of ingredients are used. The measuring cup will be much stronger and will not break. However, you cannot put it in the oven. It also does not provide the joy of looking through the cup, unlike glass and some plastic cups.

The State of the Ingredient

The state of the ingredient also decides which cup you should use. If you are looking for a measuring cup to measure liquid ingredients, then angular cups will be the best option. Different companies manufacture a wide variety of angular cups. Also, it is better to use transparent cups made up of Pyrex glass or plastic. Solid ingredients can be measured with angular cups as well. However, there is no problem if you use straight measuring cups to measure them.Furthermore, it would help if you tried using steel cups to carry heavy ingredients.

Here’s the Conclusion

The measuring cups you use while cooking have a significant impact on the final outcome. Using inaccurate measuring cups can make your cakes, casseroles, and cupcakes taste totally different (in a wrong way).  Therefore, it is necessary to know which design of measuring cups is more accurate. Experts consider angular cups to be much more precise than straight cups. Their angular body makes them easy to use. These cups are best for measuring liquid ingredients. For solid ingredients, you may use straight cups.

To purchase the best measuring cup, you should also consider the material that has been used to make them. Stainless steel is highly preferable for measuring solid ingredients. Not only is it corrosion-resistant, but it also doesn’t break. Liquids should be measured using angular glass cups or plastic cups. As glass is transparent, it is easy to locate the meniscus.

So, what are you waiting for? All you needed to know for purchasing the most accurate measuring cup is right in front of you. Go ahead and become a better chef than you used to be!