Ways to Store Measuring Cups and Spoons

Most of us are good at organizing the rooms in our house and giving them an aesthetic feel. We place the couch and the cupboard and the coffee table at just the right place, choose the perfect shade of curtains and keep our rooms clean and tidy. However, the disorganized and messy state of our cabinets and drawers’ insides are another story; and nowhere is this disorganized state more observable than in kitchen drawers.

Kitchen drawers are usually cluttered with scissors, the can opener, and other kitchen tools. Among the jumbled-up mess, measuring tools such as measuring cups and measuring spoons can get quite lost. Whether you are a pro baker or the kind of person who bakes cookies once a month, you must know how frustrating it can get to not be able to find the right-size spoon or cup when you most need it.

When you are in the middle of cooking or baking, you don’t want to dig in the drawers, looking for the required cup or spoon. Instead, you want to reach directly for whatever you need and get that recipe right! Below are some ways to organize your measuring spoons and measuring cups that make life just a little bit easier and your kitchen a whole lot neater and organized.

1. Use a Knife Rack

A simple but effective way of storing measuring spoons and measuring cups is that you stick them on your knife rack. This can only work if you have a set of metallic spoons and cups, as they will attach with the magnetic knife rack. In this way, your measuring cups and spoons will be easily accessible.

However, if you do not have a knife rack and do not want to buy one, read on for more interesting storage ideas.

2. Make Use of a Kitchen Utility Rack

When it comes to being more organized, you do not always need to buy fancy equipment. More often than not, you can use things lying around in your house, albeit in a creative way. In this spirit, you can take a kitchen utility rack, or even one that is sold for towels, and use some hooks to store your measuring cups and spoons on the rack.

Just put the hooks on the rod of the rack and hang your measuring tools. This method is especially recommended if you have extra pretty measuring tools that you cannot wait to show off.

3. Get Out that Pegboard

Pegboards aren’t just for tools in a workshop; they can also be used to sort the various baking tools in your kitchen. The little hooks and flexible spacing options on a pegboard are excellent for organizing all your measuring spoons and measuring cups and allow you to store other items in the kitchen as well.

If you prefer, you can put up the pegboard on a wall where it is completely visible. Otherwise, it can be put up inside a cabinet door.

4. Attach Measuring Tools to Canisters

You will find yourself using the same tools for certain ingredients over and over again, such as some measuring cups for sugar and flour. An easy trick is to take the relevant cup and attach it to the outside of the canister. In this way, you won’t be wasting time searching for a cup whenever you need to use those ingredients.

5. Hang Measuring Tools in the Cabinets

This method is as simple as it sounds. Take all your measuring cups and measuring spoons, and using a hook set often meant for keys, hang them in the insides of your kitchen cabinets. You might fill up the remaining space with other items you need for baking, so you can find everything in the same place and make baking easy and convenient.

6. Hang Measuring Tools Inside Cabinet Doors

This is perhaps the most famous method of storing and organizing measuring tools, as it does not take up extra cabinet space and also keeps the measuring tools out of sight. Hanging the cups and spoons on hooks on the inside of the cabinet door makes it easy to access them whenever needed while also saving space.

The only precaution this method requires is that you might need to use plastic spoons and cups, as metallic ones can make a lot of noise each time the cabinet is closed or opened.

7. Use Tubes in Place of Hangers

Instead of hangers, you can also use tubes to holster your measuring cups and spoons. These will also go on the cabinet doors and prevent the cups and spoons from moving and making noise when the cabinet door opens or closes.

How Can You Hang Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups Inside Cabinet Doors?

Since this method of storing cups and spoons is the most popular method, let us see how it works.

All you need to create this storage place are some paint sticks and cup hooks. Take the paint sticks and ensure that they are the right size for your cabinet doors. If they are large, simply cut them down to a suitable length. You can now paint the wooden paint sticks to a color of your choice to make them look more aesthetic and appealing.

Drill holes into the sticks, then place them on the cabinet door and screw them into place. The rails’ positioning should be such that the cups and spoons fit perfectly when the cabinet door is closed. Now screw the hooks onto the rail, leaving enough space between each hook. You can take an extra step and use vinyl to write the cup/spoon measurement over each hook.

In this way, your cups and spoons can be stored efficiently on the inside of cabinet doors.


Adequately storing measuring spoons and cups helps you organize your kitchen and also makes baking more hassle-free. Different storing ways have been discussed above, all of which are effective. Choose one that suits your kitchen’s aesthetic and that appeals to your design sense. Soon, lost cups and spoons will become a thing of the past.