Unique Topping Ideas to Dress Up Ice-Cream

When it comes to ice-cream, there is no age, season or limit to how creative you can get. Whether it’s the hot weather, a boring meal, your kid’s party or simply a family gathering, nothing delights more than a scoop of rich, creamy ice-cream. But what makes this simple scoop a lot more enticing is the way you dress it up. Ordinary home-made or store-bought ice-cream can be jazzed up by adding a few ingredients to add more flavors and make it also look fantastic.

Don’t know exactly how? Have a look at these delicious, unique ways and you’ll never want to have plain ice-cream again.


Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert.  This superb combo of hot and cold is what you would need after a scrumptious meal. Scoop vanilla ice-cream on your favorite espresso shot and you are charged up for good.

Potato Chips or French Fries

If your taste buds like sweet and salt together then this is a great combination. Sprinkle some potato chips on top of your caramel, vanilla or salted nutty ice-cream and you’ll get a great taste combination. Or you can dip your french fries into your Ice Cream for a delicious flavor combination (just don’t think about the calories).

Ice-Cream Pie

This heavenly delicious ice-cream pie is quick to make and hard to resist. Crush and layer some graham crackers into a bowl and scoop in some heavenly vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. Role and mix it around and then garnish with nuts, butterfingers, pecans or caramel sauce.

Rice Krispies

Add to your chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavor ice-creams a dash of rice and chocolate Krispies to give your ice cream a crunchy taste. Add a bit of chocolate sauce if you want it to be rich and rocky.

Cake the Scoop

Use your left-over cake and dress up your ice-cream that no one will refuse. Simply toast the cake slices and scoop your favorite ice cream on top with some rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chip cookie crumbles and other toppings. The magic begins as the ice-cream melts on the cake for a delicious combination.

Banana Split

This is one of the most loved and never out of date ways to dress up your ice-cream. Just split a banana and scoop strawberry, vanilla and caramel ice-cream on top of it, with some chocolate sauces and nuts.

Oatmeal Cookie Cream Sandwich

Soften your favorite ice-cream flavor and sandwich it in between your preferred oatmeal cookies. Freeze for a few hours and you have a great dessert treat!

Brioche, Croissant or Challah

Whether its yesterday’s leftover bread, brioche or freshly baked croissant; crumble and mix it with a scoop of ice-cream, almonds, walnuts and a sprinkle of honey or maple syrup for a unique ice cream dessert.

Crunchy Crackers and pretzels

A handful of crackers and pretzels on your vanilla or caramel ice-cream is a handy, good treat to make any evening go salty and crunchy. A quick and easy way to make your home-made ice-cream taste much better.

Instant Espresso Powder

If you love tiramisu, you wouldn’t mind trying this method. You have guests over and don’t know how to make a quick dessert?  Just sprinkle instant coffee powder to your vanilla ice-cream and a touch of chocolate chips and you have your home-made instant tiramisu ready.

Mint Lemon Coolness

If mint lemonade is your taste, this combination of mint, lemon zest, and vanilla ice-cream will give you chillers in summers. Scoop some creamy soft vanilla ice-cream and dress it up with lemon zest and lightly chopped mint leaves. The chewy texture and sweet, tangy flavor will definitely blow your mind away.

Strawberry or Ginger ice-cream floats

Here’s a summer treat. Make strawberry soda at home by adding in strawberry or vanilla ice-cream and serve in a tall glass. You can try it with ginger soda and ginger syrup.

Fruity Saucy Ice-Cream

Fruits and ice-cream go hand in hand but this one is a delicious nutritious treat. Pour in some strawberry syrup in milk and adds fruit like banana, mango, strawberry, and pineapple. Serve in a tall glass with a dressing of vanilla or strawberry ice-cream. Instant refreshing dessert is ready.

Coffee Toffee Marshmallows

Broil some marshmallows until they are well toasted and puffed. Scoop coffee ice-cream over it and sprinkle some toffee or caramel syrup to have this mouthwatering experience of sweet bitter gooeyness

Peanut Butter Jelly Ice Cream

Three classics favorites all combined together for an amazing dessert.  You can pretty much mix and match the three anyway you want. If you want a tub of ice cream to sweeten up your peanut butter and jelly that works or you can do it the other way around.

Ginger Cookies and Ice cream

They can make a great combination.  You can serve the cookies with the ice cream for dipping or crumble up the ginger cookies and soften the ice cream and mix, freeze and serve for a delightful combination.

Ice-cream tart

All it takes to make this awesome dessert is some cookie crumbles, ice-cream, and fruit. Layer cookie crumbles to make a crust base, add a layer of mint or vanilla ice-cream and covert it with a variety of fruits.

Banana-nut and cream

You can quickly make delicious banana-nut cream for your little ones and guests as a special treat. Soften a scoop of home-made ice-cream and mix in banana chunks and a handful of nuts. Add a favorite chocolate or caramel topping and you have a delicious dessert.  

Rum and Raisins

Soak some raisins in rum overnight and mix them the next day in vanilla ice-cream. Mix until it gets a light brown color. Garnish with some extra raisins and serve with a glass of rum.


With ice-cream in your freezer, you can get creative and make some heavenly combinations. Check your pantry and fridge to see what you have and dress-up your ice-cream to satisfy the sweet tooth of adults and children.