Tips to Choose Sunglasses for Boys

Sunglasses are the most important accessory, especially during the hot summer season when the sunlight is very strong in the daytime. Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful radiations, reduce fatigue and add harmony to the overall image. Therefore, you need to choose the perfect sunglasses that perfectly protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and suit you. You can buy a perfect pair of sunglasses from wholesale sunglasses stores to save a few dollars on your purchase.

Choosing the sunglasses that suit your face shape will help you pick a style that complements your features rather than fighting with them. Several types of sunglasses are available in the market, so you can easily pick one that suits your style and makes you look perfect in your sunniest. Here are a few top tips for choosing the best pair of sunglasses for boys.

Lenses of the Sunglasses

Lenses are the most important part of sunglasses, and you have to choose sunglasses that protect your eyes perfectly. Sunglasses with polarized lenses will deflect glare but do not provide protection from UV rays, and real glass lenses offer just a little protection. These days, the best choice is Polycarbonate plastic lenses, which are tougher and provide you with the best protection from UV rays.

Moreover, polycarbonate lenses are sturdier compared to other varieties of lenses. However, Photochromic lenses are another good competitor in the list of sunglasses lenses because they protect your eyes from UV rays and block glare while also maintaining visual sharpness.

Sunglasses that are fit on Your Face

To give your eyes better protection, choose sunglasses that are perfectly fit. Poorly fitted sunglasses fail to provide you with better protection and make you feel awkward and uncomfortable when wearing them. You can find a good collection at the wholesale sunglasses market. However, when the sunglasses are too small or too large, they may allow sunlight from the sides of the sunglasses. Therefore, athletes use wraparound sunglasses, which provide them with better protection from sunlight.

Color of the Lenses

Nowadays, colorful lens sunglasses are in fashion, and most boys like to wear them. They are also a good option that protects with style. However, for most parts, the color lens sunglasses should not make a difference in protection. Super dark shade lenses may work for celebs wanting to go incognito, but it doesn’t mean that they also provide extra protection or sun safety to your eyes. Sunglasses that contain amber-colored “blue-blocking” lenses may block out visible blue light, but they are not good enough to provide adequate defiance against UV radiations.

Provide Protection with All Year Long

The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body that requires protection. Therefore, don’t wait for the summer season to buy a perfect pair of sunglasses. During the autumn and winter season, we may often see the sunless, but it doesn’t mean its effects are the same. Our eyes do not feel them.

Seafoam, beach sand and snow are the good reflectors of UV light, harmful to our eyes. The snow reflects much more UV light as compared to dry sand. Therefore, it is better to choose a perfect pair of sunglasses that you not only wear in the summer season but can use all over the year to protect your eyes from damaging UV light.


Protection of the eyes is essential, and you need sunglasses to provide it perfectly. You can buy the perfect pair from wholesale sunglasses stores, which will help you pick the best one and allow you to save your money. However, there are several types of sunglasses available on the market, but before choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses, take above mention tips into account.