Handy Tips to Fix Your Slow Family Internet

If there is one thing that can destroy your Netflix and chill experience that is soggy pizza and slow internet.

Imagine trying to watch your favorite movie and then giving up in the middle just because your internet is slow. Most people think that slow internet means it is time for an upgrade, so they end up subscribing to a better package or changing the internet provider. If you are facing that issue and are currently considering a quick switch to a better internet service provider, we would recommend Grande Internet. With a blazing fast speed that exceeds 1200 Mbps, Grande Internet offers seamless connectivity that will offer you a premium watch experience regardless of your location in the house.

No doubt changing the internet provider will offer you a better speed but not everything can be fixed with a quick internet provider service shift. There are so many other reasons you might be experiencing slow internet. Internet involves the networking of different technologies and devices together. All these technologies communicate together and shuffle data in real-time. Any issue within these devices, hardware, or technologies can significantly slow down the speed. Even if you have subscribed to a good internet connection and opted for a good package but your hardware is unable to support the speed, you will experience the lag.

Handy Tips to Fix Your Slow Family Internet

As a Millennial or Gen Z in the era of technology, being self-sufficient and well-versed in technology is a given. Gone are the days when you would ring up customer support for simple issues like lag in streaming, bottlenecks, connection drop, or generally slow speed of the internet. As an internet user, if you are experiencing any issues with the speed, here are some simple tips that can help you resolve speed-related issues.

Check the Speed

Before you jump to a conclusion, you have to check the speed of the internet. You will find free online speed tests easily. By running the test, you will get to know about the speed you are receiving. Then you can compare the speed package that you have subscribed to. If there is a difference between both speeds, this means that you do not have to upgrade the internet package, rather there is some issue with the device you are using or hardware malfunction that needs adjustment.


After checking the speed, simply reboot the router, this will help you clear out the cache and freeloaders. For rebooting, click the power button at the back of the router and then wait for at least seven seconds before you switch it back on. After rebooting, you can check the speed of the internet again by running the speed test.

Get Closer To Router

Router location also plays a very important role in the speed of the internet. Generally, Wi-Fi signals get weaker as you move away from the router. The signals mainly become weaker when they pass through opaque objects. Generally, internet layouts are the placement of routers decided after carefully considering the design of the house. However, if you are facing signal issues, moving closer to the router will help.

Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Apart from the router and signal issues, using a different device or clearing up the cache can also help you boost the speed. In most cases, people stream videos, play games and work at the same time. No doubt working and enjoying music simultaneously does not hinder your work but it divides the internet bandwidth, which eventually influences the speed. If you have opened serval windows simultaneously, close the browser. After refreshing the screen then open the browser again and prioritize your work.

Consider Ethernet

There is no doubt that using Wi-Fi is very helpful and it can make things easy. However, Wi-Fi signals become weaker as you move away from the router. An easy alternative is to simply switch to Ethernet. By using Ethernet, you will get an instant speed boost.

Disconnect Other Devices

When you are sharing the internet with your family, you will generally notice that speed is relatively less. This is mainly because the bandwidth is divided between several devices. Even if you are using the internet on your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, try rebooting and then changing your password. This will help you get rid of freeloaders. As the number of connected devices reduces, you will see the speed improving tremendously.

Get a Wi-Fi Repeater

Since the location of the router and device plays a very important role, it is advised to get a Wi-Fi repeater or signal booster. Using the repeater and booster will not only help you increase the number of devices but it will also help in extending and strengthening the signals. A Wi-Fi extender is also recommended if you live in a big house or you need good signal strength in your backyard.

Bottom Line

Although the above-mentioned tips can help you increase the signal strength and boost the internet speed. However, if these tips do not prove to be fruitful, you can connect the customer support. In most cases, a customer support agent will guide you through the process of boosting the internet speed.