The Paella Catering

If you’re here, you are likely planning a paella-themed event. I’ll tell you that you’re at the right spot since we can handle every aspect of your event, including the most delicious food, excellent entertainment, and a professional catering service.

No matter how large or small of an event you are planning, we can make it even more unique. Our staff is efficient, welcoming, and knowledgeable. The food we serve is made in-house by our chefs. This makes it ideal for entertaining your guests while watching the chef prepare a delicious Paella right before their eyes. Our Paellas are well-known in the northern beaches, and throughout the entirety of Catering Sydney If you ask a friend or someone at work, they have attended one of our events and enjoyed it, or perhaps been told about us and how fantastic the paella catering and service is.

Paella Catering Paella Catering is a family-owned and operated business founded by chef Aridani Navarro. With a love of making delicious food accessible, I started providing delicious meals for corporate occasions and catering parties. It didn’t take much time for him to expand the customer base, and then in 2013, he came up with the idea to make Paellas during the event. It was a great success right away. After a year, the number of customers increased by a third, and the catering for paellas is well-known throughout the Northern Beaches and throughout Sydney as the best Paella around. We have received many glowing reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients who have made their occasions memorable. Our success is because our employees love and appreciate their work, and we use only the finest and freshest ingredients that are available.

Let us cater to your next occasion, whether it’s an event like a wedding, baptism, anniversary, birthday for dinner or corporate event, or just a simple family gathering. We’ll ensure that it is memorable. We can guarantee that guests are going to talk of the delicious food and service for years to follow.

Contact us for a no-cost estimate or inquire about what you can do to try some of our Paellas. We’re looking eagerly to serve you.

The Paella has made this a popular Spanish dish and transformed it to an event that your family and friends will remember. Our specialty Paellas make use of the finest ingredients and are made on the spot instead of typical Spanish food. Customers rave about the amazing scents, the stunning presentation, and the incredible taste.

We cook huge paella catering by the original traditional Spain recipes, using top-quality ingredients: rice, vegetables that are seasonally available fresh seafood, meats, fresh meats, and all of it without canned or frozen ingredients.

We are a business that offers paellas of huge size for a reasonable price while conserving the qualities of taste, ingredients, and texture. It is a gourmet paella.

It’s all about having fun and making your party memorable by using high-quality ingredients to make the traditional Spanish Paella. Paellas are as delicious here as they were back in Spain!

Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ specific needs with unrivaled integrity, reliability, and a burning desire to deliver on our say we will deliver: delicious meals.