Making a Statement with Printed Tshirts

Screen printed cotton tshirt wholesale orders have grown in popularity over the years for several very good reasons. More people wear such t-shirts than ever before for a start. All around the world in fact. There is also more demand for printed t-shirts, films, logos, favorite tv shows, team uniforms, funny images and quotes and more. You can create t-shirts that are all about design and style, or you can create something that gets attention or use it to express an opinion and more. You can also use them to market your business both as a staff uniform and as merchandise you can sell and give away to your clients and customers. Here is a closer look at what you can do with printed t-shirts.

Gifts for people you know

Looking for something personal to give to family and friends? How about some printed polo tshirt wholesale for everyone. You could settle on one theme for all, or make something personal for different family and friend groups. Make it sweet and thoughtful, images of loved ones, special inspirational quotes, or make it funny, private jokes you share, photos of past disaster get-togethers! Choosing to gift screen printed t-shirts can make birthdays, or other special occasions just a bit more special.

Advertise your latest product or your business

Another big thing about printed t-shirts is how affordable they could be as a marketing tool, for almost any business. Advertise your restaurant, your dentist’s office, your clothing store. Create a range of t-shirts, making sure to have them in different sizes so more people can wear them. When you create a great design on a good quality shirt you could see customers wearing them over and over. This is marketing that could go on for years! You can give them away in prizes, offer a free t-shirt with a certain purchase amount, do a social media competition, sell them as merchandise or give them out at events and conventions. Include your logo, a business address, your Facebook page, images of products, whatever you want.

Create a sporting or event team uniform

Cotton tshirt wholesale printing is also something you could use to create team or event uniforms. Maybe you are a coach and the local team needs new t-shirts. You could have their names, numbers and mascot image placed on them. Maybe you have employees out working certain conventions and events. You could have them in t-shirts that advertise your product or service. Having a uniform to wear unites a group of people and makes it easier for you to spot each other in certain situations.

Great fun for the family get together

As well as using polo t-shirt wholesale options as gifts to the family you could also use them as prizes. Have great fun running family football events, obstacle courses, karaoke battles and more and give away printed shirts as prizes. It is a great way to remember the time together, especially if there is often a lot of time between such gatherings.