Learn About the Many Different Types of Gravy

Gravy is a sauce that is made primarily with juices of different kinds of meat and is thickened with corn starch or flour for savory flavor and added texture. It is commonly served with roasts, biscuits, rice, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and noodles, etc. 

Gravy may seem like one of the simplest recipes to go along with your favorite foods but is the most important part of your festivities. Can you imagine your Thanksgiving without some fulfilling gravy? We bet you can’t. We may think that all it needs is some water, starch, and drippings of meat, but, gravy is basically a regional thing, and its texture and flavor change accordingly. However, we believe every type of gravy is swoon-worthy. So, take your holiday cooking to another level and learn more about many different types of gravy. 

1. Chocolate Gravy 

If you are looking for gravy that will cure your sweet tooth, the specialty of Appalachia, i.e. chocolate gravy is a perfect choice. Combining sugar, cocoa, salt, flour, milk, and butter, you’d want this creamy and sweet gravy to accompany every dessert. Rumors have it that between the Tennessee Valley and Spanish Louisiana, Mexican breakfast chocolate came to the mountains, and now everyone is fond of this rich chocolate sauce. You can pour this chocolate gravy over many eatables, including 

  • Pancakes 
  • Waffles
  • Fluffy biscuits 
  • French toast 
  • Homemade cream puffs

2. Red Gravy

Red Gravy is kind of in the middle of a  food controversy. In New Orleans, creole red gravy is fortified with trinity and roux-based, but the story is a little different in the mountains. There, it is mostly made with fresh tomatoes and remnants of fried meat. In some places, people refer to the marinara sauce as red gravy. If you’re preparing salsa dips to spice up the party, the red gravy will perfectly complement them. Some of the foods that can be eaten with red gravy include,

  • Warm peach cobbler 
  • Bread pudding

3. White Gravy

The most elite member of the gravy family, i.e. white gravy is the most famous among all the different types of gravy. The main ingredients include flour, cream, fat, salt, a healthy dose of black peppers, and sesame oil. It is loved by many people in the South. In many places, people add sausage crumbles to this recipe for a perfect and creamy texture. White gravy is enjoyed with multiple food items, such as, 

  • Chicken fried steak
  • Potatoes
  • Swedish meatballs 

4. Chili Gravy

Gravy doesn’t always have to be mild and moderate in flavor. Some people prefer it spicier and chili gravy is among their top favorites. The main ingredients of this gravy include cumin, chili powder (a little bit extra than usual), garlic powder, paprika, and oregano. All of them are thinned out with chicken broth. Including many different types of cheese, there are some popular eatables to eat with this gravy, such as

  • Cheese enchiladas 
  • Dumplings

5. Chicken Gravy

Chicken gravy is one of those food classics that will never go out of style. Eating baked chicken with chicken gravy is still the go-to meal of many Southerners. All you have to do is whisk flour, seasonings, milk, and the leftovers of chicken to make a delicious drizzle for your meals and salad dressings. Its salty flavor and warm texture is perfect for chilly winter nights and most people enjoy it with, 

  • Chicken pot pie
  • Chipped beef
  • Turkey cutlets 

6. Cornmeal Gravy

If you have developed a liking for the texture of grits, you’d absolutely love this gravy! Cornmeal gravy stems from Native Americans who tried to experiment with many versatile uses of corn. To get a taste of this underrated gravy, you need some milk, bacon drippings, and cornmeal. It is also a famous meal among the farmers and they use it to nourish their bodies during long and strenuous workdays. This gravy blends perfectly with many food types, including 

  • Casserole 
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Fries

7. Sawmill Gravy

Sawmill gravy is rich in both flavor and background history. Its name was originated in lumber camps when workers were making use of everything to make food. The original sawmill gravy was cooked by scraping fat and meat from the bottom of a skillet into a mixture of milk and flour. Nowadays, people crumble some breakfast sausages into this mixture for a perfect gravy. Additionally, it is enjoyed alongside many other food items, such as

  • Scrambled egg roll sandwiches 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Poutine

8. Hamburger Gravy

Hamburger gravy is a classic and one of a kind that’s versatile, tasty and so satisfying. Milk and broth are used to make the creamy gravy and then crumbled ground beef is added. It is the perfect topping to turn your starch dish into a creamy and mouth-watering entrée. For an additional flavor, people also add steak sauce or bouillon into the hamburger gravy. It goes perfect with, 

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Biscuits 
  • Potatoes
  • Hamburger hash
  • Roasted chicken 
  • Southern fried chicken 

9. Shrimp Gravy

Grits and shrimps are the famous quintessential Charleston dish, and you can experiment with its ingredients in so many ways. One of the best shrimp dishes includes brown and bacon-backed gravy, made with a lashing of beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, and raw shrimp. Mostly, this gravy is spooned over a hot bowl of grits and is eaten as breakfast in many regions. This gravy is also savored with

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Rice
  • Grits

10. Easy Giblet Gravy

Giblet gravy is a quick and easy recipe. The bits of chopped eggs and giblets add so much to the overall flavor of this gravy. Once the eggs and giblets are prepared, this creamy gravy comes together in a jiffy. In case you are running out of ideas for your next family get-together, this gravy is a quick and savory option that you can rely on. It can be served over plenty of food items, including

  • Rice
  • Biscuits
  • Roast turkey

Add Some Groove into Your Foods – With Gravy

Gravy is an important part of many holiday feasts. It adds extra flavor to your dishes, mainly due to its fat and sodium content. It imparts decadence and richness to drier foods, like turkey. Gravy may not be a perfect and nutritious food choice for most people but you can easily incorporate the health factors of this southern souvenir into your dishes. It contains essential nutrients, i.e. carbohydrates, protein, and is mostly free from any kind of fat. Depending upon its recipes and flavors, there are different types of gravy that you can experiment with and make some wholesome holiday memories!