Legoland Healthy Eating Guide

If you have seen my previous post about healthy eating options at Disneyland, I’ll warn you- this review for Legoland is far less… glowing.

Despite the abundance of nutritious options at other theme parks (and in California in general), Legoland is full of your typical carnival type foods. However, during our day long trip, I was still able to find options that will fortify you and your little loves as you spend the day walking (well, more like wandering) around the park.

Two places I recommend:

  • Wok ‘N’ Bowl Ramen– We loved the stir fry options here for the adults. Nice sized portion too. I was not impressed with the fried options for the kids, which did not include veggies of any kind (though we were able to get a piece of fruit on the side). I suggest getting an adult plate and splitting it up among family members.


  • Garden Restaurant– Not as healthy as the name suggests but they do have peanut butter and jelly and turkey sandwiches for pickier kids. Sandwiches and salads on hand can be made healthier by omitting ingredients (like cheese) so be sure to ask!   We were only at Legoland for a short time- have you discovered any other healthy options during your stay?