3 Reasons you do NOT need a juice cleanse: Introducing the Four Day “No Juice” Reboot

So what if your New Year’s resolution ended up in a pile of Valentine candy wrappers on the floor. There’s nothing like store shelves full of marshmallow bunnies to signal the beginning of the end of the holiday candy season (which we started back in October, remember?).

But now what? This is the time of year a lot of us want to make up lost ground quickly- enter the oh-so-popular juice cleanse.

You probably know someone who has done a cleanse and loved it. But if even the thought has your tummy rumbling, let me set you at ease. I’m going to give you 3 reasons why you don’t need a juice cleanse.

#1. Juice cleanse products are often loaded up with tons of sugars (and if you read my post on the dangers of 100% fruit juice, you know that even “natural” sugar can be more like Coke and less like fruit). They also contain less nutrients than the whole fruits and veggies they were extracted from. Juice cleanses can even be dangerous in that they often leave out a multitude of essential nutrients you need to function at your best.

Not exactly the best substance to “cleanse” your body with.

#2. About that. Your body doesn’t actually need to be cleansed. Your body has an excellent cleansing system of its own to filter out toxins. When you’re feeling crummy, the best way to give your body a break is by eating hearty meals full of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

#3. What are you going to do AFTER it’s over? I know what I’d do-

Dive head first into the biggest bowl of chips and salsa I can find.

Let’s get real. A cleanse isn’t going to help you feel your best long term. It’s not going to boost your metabolism, free you of cravings, or heal your body from the inside out. It’s not going to teach your kids how to eat to live.

But the Four Day, “No Juice” Reboot is a simple plan that will get you feeling better fast. You will:

  • Feel full (and full of energy)
  • Get in shape (literally from the inside out)
  • Make meals in 20 minutes or less
  • Eat delicious food you will love (and probably make again!)