Understanding how the electronic cigarette can help you stop smoking

A lot of smokers looking to quit will question what method is the best one to be most successful at dropping cigarettes for good. There are millions of people around the world that smoke and many of them want to stop but struggle each time they try. Over the years a variety of methods and aids have been made and tried, some better than others, and some options work better for different people. There was a time when people thought smoking was harmless but today we know better. It is not just about the addictive nature of nicotine, it is all the other things you inhale into your lungs too. When you know that it is not just harming you but the people around you, it makes it all the more compelling to find a way to quit that sticks.

Electronic cigarettes

One of the most recent methods of quitting developed is the electronic cigarette. Designed to use an nicotine e liquid that can contain different amounts of nicotine, or you can choose to use one that is nicotine free, the e-cigarette is proving extremely popular and successful because it solves the problem that other methods were unable to. It gives you the feeling if lifting something to the mouth, you draw and inhale, you can continue to vape at the same times you smoked and you get to maintain the habit but in a healthier manner.

While recent developments they continue to be innovated so that they meet user needs. You can reduce the nicotine in the e-liquid you vape with to control the addiction and maybe eventually come off it completely. They are a lot easier to use than when they first came out and are smaller and more discreet too. You can even get mini sizes that are the same size as a traditional tobacco cigarette. You can get different flavours of vape liquid while avoiding all the toxins, bad smell and health issues you have with cigarettes too.

What does an electronic cigarette look like?

The electronic cigarette is made up of a chamber that you can refill with your chosen e-liquid, nicotine or not, flavored or not. There is a battery that powers it that is re-chargeable and an atomiser. The liquid in the chamber or cartridge is turned into a vapour which is what you inhale. When you draw on the e-cigarette it may glow at the end. If you start out with one kind of eliquid you do not have to stick with it. You can change out for whatever you want to have a go with. You could completely quit and stop needing the electronic cigarette at all, or carry on vaping.


There are a few ways eliquid and e cigarettes can help you quit smoking. You replace he nicotine at the time when you crave it rather than waiting for it to top up in a slow release, you get the same action as smoking, and you are able to reduce your nicotine and stop completely if you want to