Creative Ways to Use Ketchup in Cooking

Eating is one thing that makes us happy. And we appreciate the food when it’s tasty, so we love to add seasoning to enjoy a good meal. Ketchup is known for being one of the most used condiments, especially when it’s fried food; we just love putting ketchup into that deep-fried dish for more flavoring. Still true today, bottles of ketchup won’t be left out on our grocery list due to the consumption of the majority. The rich history of ketchup first appeared in the 18th century when American people first used them, and it primarily originated from the addition of mushrooms and shallots.

The word ketchup characterizes several dark and thin sauces made from mushrooms or walnuts. Ketchup comes from different variations, but tomato-based is the permanent one. And for the longest time, we learned to use ketchup for making creative techniques for a much tastier meal. To get more ideas on using ketchup in cooking, continue reading this article.

Some Creative Ways Of Using Ketchup In Cooking


This technique makes the food much tastier with the caramelized sauce that you fill inside. Aside from using ketchup, we can add soy sauce or another flavoring to the food; whatever it is, it was simmering. Whether we like to use chicken or fish, or even vegetables to make a glazed dish is also our choice.

Barbecue Sauce

Ketchup is the primary basis used in making a barbecue sauce that has a sweet and spicy taste. And we can add some other condiments to put more flavor of what we want to make to the barbecue. It’s also for marinating the meat so that it will hold more flavor. We can use another option to create a unique style of our barbecue sauce, like adding a peach jam or what we think is a good combination for our grilled meat.


This cooking technique first originated from the Chinese people, who stirred and tossed the food in low heat with a small amount of oil, primarily vegetables. And because of having a creative idea, we adapted ketchup to make a difference and uniqueness to the flavor of our food, like cooking a sweet and sour stir-fry.

Meatballs Sauce 

Making meatballs is easiest to do, mainly when we cook and make a special soup. Some people are adding pasta to make a different technique when they’re tired of this type of cooking. It contains tomato ketchup with reasonable amounts of sugar and Italian seasoning to make the sauce more flavorful.

Pickle Ketchup

Chinese people use pickles as their dipping sauce to give a more different flavor. Using this kind of ketchup is a perfect sauce for our sandwiches, like burgers. It uses chopped pickles or relishes with mayonnaise and other spices to bring out the sauce’s flavor. Ketchup has a variety of flavors that we can use. Not just pickles, but banana ketchup is also famous aside from tomato that we used.

Coleslaw With Ketchup

The coleslaw is made of different chopped vegetables with vinegar and eaten as a salad. Aside from these ingredients, we can put ketchup to create an alternative and unique dressing to the salad that we make. And it also promotes a healthy diet at the same time.

Shrimp Cocktail With Ketchup Sauce

There’s a lot of variety between this shrimp cocktail and the sauce that we can make—adding some fruit and vegetables to reach the taste that we want is our choice if we’re going to put them aside from ketchup. Some people are adding avocado and another alternative ingredient to the dish to create their style.

Using ketchup in cooking has a lot of styles that we can use. It has a variety to choose what we want to put on when we cook something. Also, it is simple now to search and find some recipes by using ketchup in our dish because many procedures came out.

Ketchup is adding flavor to our food. And aside from the taste that it’s giving to us, it also has vitamin C with low fat to maintain our diet. It also has vitamin A which is good for the health of our immune system and high vision.