Things To Know Before Starting A Mug Business Online

If you are thinking of making money at your comfort home, selling drinkware online is a great idea. Printed bottles and mugs are not just popular items for all hot drink friends, they are also a true gifting staple.

4 Steps for Selling Printed Mugs On The Internet

This article will share with you some tips for starting a coffee mug business, from design to marketing. If you are able to apply all the skills, you can make money with zero investment. If you are interested, please keep reading.

Find Raw Material

You might be thinking—okay, selling mugs sounds like a good business idea, but I don’t have a stock of sublimation coffee mugs or a printer. No worries! They can be easily found nowadays. All you have to do is find a reliable seller, who will take care of preparing and shipping blank coffee mugs to you. There are different sizes of coffee mugs to choose from, you can decide depending on the audience and niche of your store, and consider which type of mug fits best. Then you can purchase a printer—there are a lot of introductions of different machines on the Internet. Last but not least, you have to take care of the creative and marketing side of your business. You have the opportunity to create a truly authentic brand experience for your customers. Mugs are practical utensils and a great gift, especially with a custom design. That means you can sell mugs that fit a specific style or mugs that match a particular holiday or celebration.

Do Market Research

While you can rely on others’ experiences, it’s best to do market research to see which mug type is best for your target audience. For example, let us open up one of the more popular marketplaces for the US audience—Etsy. Etsy is a good tool for you because you see what products are coming up for each search term and how well they’re doing in terms of sales. Let’s explore the coffee mug dad keyword as a beginning. A coffee mug for dads can be a great gift on Father’s day, a birthday, or at any other celebration. That means you can make sales from this product all year round. Most of these designs are text-based and have either funny or heartfelt quotes. Once you find a potential niche, such as coffee mugs for dads, the next step is choosing a suitable mug type. By taking a quick look at the products on Etsy, I see that most of them are white ceramic mugs. So we can also pick a ceramic mug with color inside, to fit the customers’ expectations.

Start To Design

To create a design for your store, you’ll need to go through these three steps: Create a product template, add a design to the product, and save the template to create a design for your mug. You might not be a design expert, and that’s alright, neither am I. You can easily create a fantastic mug design with all the tools and resources offered by the software online. Different patterns and design elements with transparent backgrounds will be prepared for you to use for free. You will have high-quality illustrations covering many different topics that you can combine with text, adjusting everything to your liking.

Market Your Coffee Mugs

Now that we’ve created the product, the next step is reaching our customers and getting them to purchase! When coming up with a marketing plan, there are several areas to cover, including who are you selling to, when are these people likely to buy your product, and what keywords to use when advertising your product. It’s crucial to understand these questions.  To ensure potential customers can find your product, it’s important to invest time in keyword research. We can try looking up such keywords as fathers day gift, gift for dad, gift for dad from wife, gift for dad from husband, gift for a new dad, and Christmas gift for dad. Not all of these keywords will work well, but we can refine them with keyword research. Once you have your keywords, search engines can then understand what your product is and put it in front of potential customers.


That is all my experience sharing, I hope you found this article useful.