What is fleur de sel?

With the many available varieties of salt, it cannot be easy to distinguish. How can you tell which is the most suitable? What is this Fleur de Sel as well as sea salt advantages? Here’s a quick summary of fleur de sel sea salt’s distinction compared to regular salt.

The Fleur de Sel, as well as sea salt, are both made from seawater. Fleur de sel has distinct pyramid-shaped crystals that are raised to the top of the process of evaporation. Much like delicate flowers, they bloom and appear to float on the surface. They must be harvested gently by hand. Crystals are incredibly difficult to attain. An exclusive combination of environmental and oceanic conditions is required for them to form.

Sea salt is the residue left over after the evaporation of all seawater. It’s a grain that is not a crystal and has traces of sediment, which provide it with a slightly bitter taste. The table salt that we use for our table is not from the sea in any way. Salt is a refined item created through the injection of water in a salt deposit underground to make a brine that is heated until the water evaporates.

Salt Spring Sea Salt is created using the highest quality crystals of fleur de sel that are hand-harvested and are enhanced with locally sourced ingredients. It is easy to see, taste, and feel the difference. Here’s the reason.

Purity Fleur de Sel is the purest type of salt that you can find. It’s free of Gypsum or other contaminants in the sea.

Taste because it’s pure; it doesn’t have bitterness. This salt is a slow melting on your tongue and gives a delightful crunch that enhances food flavor. The world’s chefs believe it is the crème de la creme of salts.

Variety flavor-infused sea salt made from local organic fruits, herbs, spice, wine, and beer are truly distinctive. You can’t find anything similar to them anywhere else in the world.

BeautyThe first step to eating is through your eyes. Our crystals with flavor-infused ingredients come in a myriad of colors that visually stimulate your taste buds by sprinkling over food items.

Health – Fleur de sel is as natural as you can get. When you start with it being a finishing salt and you taste its effects, you’ll never want to cook with normal salt ever again. This will lower the amount of salt you consume.

How to use fleur de sel

Gourmet garnish

Fleur of sel is salt for finishing that improves the flavor of salads, soups, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, even desserts. It is crucial to apply it to food only before serving and not when cooking since high temperatures make the salt crystals melt and lose their distinctive characteristics.

Three-finger pinch

There’s an art in sprinkle the fleur of seal over your meals. Make a three-finger pinch and then, in a circular motion above the plate, crush the crystals with your fingers and let them fall randomly to create a whirlwind of flavor for each bite.

Display and refill

Store a variety of natural sea salts that are flavored and natural in a small glass or ceramic bowls set on the countertop or table and replenish as required. The array of sparkling crystals is beautiful and adds a touch of elegance to your dining experience