Everything to Consider When Hiring a Solar Service for Homes

As of the first quarter of 2021, over 100 gigawatts of total installed solar capacity are within the U.S. It’s enough to power around 18.6 million homes.

It’s the result of homeowners, cities, and states shifting to solar power. Doing so contributes to a greener environment. They also enjoy cheaper energy costs at the same time.

If you want to get the benefits of solar energy, it’s time to explore your options. First, look for a solar service for homes to install solar panels. Keep reading to learn how to find the right one for you.

Experience and Credentials

We’re not saying you shouldn’t trust newcomers in the industry, but it’s much easier to trust those with years of solar installation experience, like Blue Raven Solar. You can be sure they already know what they’re doing.

Make sure they have the proper credentials. In some states, solar installers must have a separate solar contractor’s license. It’s not a requirement in other states, but most require at least an electrical or plumbing license.


With a huge selection of solar companies, reading online reviews is a must. The reviews coming from real customers are invaluable. They provide a good look into their experience of working with a certain company.

Learn what the reviewers like and don’t like about the installer. Above all else, see if they recommend it to others.

Remember to keep an open mind since it’s the internet – anyone can post reviews. Take everything with a grain of salt but look for patterns and commonalities. If many people say the installers are rude, you have to believe them.

Price and Warranty

The prices differ between solar companies and various solar panel designs. Comparing them isn’t as easy as choosing the cheapest offer. Sometimes, it’s worth spending more for guaranteed quality service.

You also have to see whether their financing options fit your needs. Ask for their warranties in case anything goes wrong after installation.

Customer Service

Even after installation, it’s likely you’ll keep in touch with the solar service for homes. Ensure they’re easy to reach when you have questions or problems.

Assess their customer service with how they talk to you now. Do they respond fast with useful solutions? Are they polite and helpful?

If you aren’t satisfied with them now, imagine how stressful it would be to talk to them after they already took your money. Ask previous customers if they have a good experience dealing with the company’s customer service.

Choose the Best Solar Service for Homes Now

Choosing the right solar service for homes requires a lot of research and communication with different companies. Use the factors stated above to narrow down your options.

In the end, no one can pick the best out of the bunch but you. You know better what your specific needs are.

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