Are Veggie Straws Good for You and How They Made?

Hi friends. I love you, but today I’m staging an intervention. I’m going to tell you why you might want to stop giving your kids those dang Veggie Straws they love so much.

And maybe you love so much.

I know what you’re thinking. “But wait! I bought those at Trader Joe’s! Aren’t they a healthy way to get my nutritionally opposed children to eat their veggies?

The short answer is NO.

Veggie straws ingredients and nutrition

For those of you who want the long-ish answer, let’s start by flipping that bag over and taking a look at the ingredients.

Veggie sticks ingredients

The main ingredient (oddly labeled as “Veggie Straws”) is a concoction of flours, powders, and other starches. These ingredients are highly processed and eliminate most of the nutrients and fiber you’d find in the actual vegetables themselves. Speaking of vegetables, the most abundant ones in Veggie Sticks are potatoes and corn…

…like a chip.

Well, except potato chips actually use the whole potato and not just the processed starch Veggie Straws uses. Using the whole potato means you actually get beneficial fiber and a few other nutrients, such as Vitamin B6 (which Veggie Sticks lack).

Potato Chips 1. Veggie Straws 0.

Nutrition facts

If we take a look at the Nutrition Facts panel, you’ll note the serving (1 oz) is 130 calories with 60 calories coming from fat (46% of total calories coming from fat- almost HALF). Fat in veggies? Well in this case, the fat is derived from the oil the straws are fried in.

Like a chip.

Well, except a serving of Baked Lays (1 oz) is 120 calories with only 20 calories coming from fat (just under 17% of total calories from fat).

Potato Chips 2. Veggie Straws 0.

Let’s move down to the bottom of the Nutrition Facts panel. Because Veggie Straws don’t use whole veggies of any kind, there’s no fiber or protein to speak of. Compare that to Baked Lays that have 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. How is that possible? Whole potatoes are actually good sources of both.

Potato Chips 3. Veggie Straws 0.

Really? Is she telling us to give our kids chips instead of Veggie Straws?

No. I’m telling you to give you kids vegetables instead of Veggie Straws.

You’re better off purchasing pre-cut produce or whipping up homemade fruit/veggie smoothies (which you can make ahead and freeze to thaw when needed).

So there you have it. And remember, friends don’t let friends buy veggie straws! Please share this post and like us on Facebook to spread the word!

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