How I Saved $60/Month at the Grocery Store – And You Can Too

A couple of months ago, I felt that my weekly trips to the grocery store were becoming more of a drag than usual. Not only is the traffic increasing in Austin, Texas but I always seem to be busier and busier.  I wondered if there was a way I could cut down on my trips while still making awesomely veg-tastic meals.

The results of my “shop every two weeks” experiment were shocking.

Not only was I able to make two weeks of yummy meals out of one shopping trip, I SPENT LESS MONEY. In my old weekly trip days, I typically spent around $100- $400 for the month. In my new biweekly trips, I am only spending $120- $340 per month.

That adds up to a savings of $60 per month.

Impossible?! I explain all the details in the video guide that goes along with my Two Weeks, One Trip Meal Plan.

The meal plan is built around a family of four and includes all meals, snacks, and a school week menu for the kids- plus the shopping list.

All for $9.99.

If you subscribe to the channel, you get this meal plan AND the Four Day, No Juice Reboot for $7.99. Check ’em out over at the Oh My Nosh Pivotshare Channel. There are a GAGGLE of free resources there you’ll enjoy too (like videos on getting kids to eat without losing your mind).

Click here to give the Two Week, One Trip meal plan a try- I’ve already done the hard part. You can just get your nosh on 🙂

Preview of the video guide for the Two Weeks, One Trip Meal Plan.