Thanksgiving Themed Snacks for Kids!

Each year, our family celebrates something we like to call “Thanksmas.” To teach our kids the value of giving to others and recognizing those in need, they each pack a shoebox full of Christmas gifts to send to a child in another country. Because the collection week falls just before Thanksgiving (and it’s impossible to gather with friends once the holidays commence) we starting hosting a party for our neighborhood friends to take part in the shoebox packing tradition as well.

Part Thanksgiving. Part Christmas. Thanksmas.

When I host a party, I try to mix up the snack offerings to provide healthier fare for our visitors. In a season filled with so much indulgence I find a little nutritious nibble to be a welcome break!

As you prepare your Thanksgiving menu, don’t forget snacks. Many of us feast at odd hours (3pm?!) so it’s easy to ruin your appetite grazing all day. These snacks are great for keeping kids and adults satisfied before the big feast!

This year, I kept it simple with three incredibly easy kid pleasers during our Thanksmas celebration. The no-recipe Fruit and Waffle Cone-icopias were a snap to put together and the kids got a kick out of the unique presentation.

I love these because you can choose any fruit fillings you want! I recommend avoiding very juicy fruits so you can prep these ahead of time without the soggy factor. Don’t forget to coat those apple slices in lemon or lime juice to keep them from browning!

I also broke out my Pumpkin Spice Donuts with Cinnamon Maple Glaze. Of course these are a huge crowd-pleaser but are a great choice for something warm, filling, and healthy at breakfast time before beginning a day full of feasting.

Tent cards are great for letting guests know what’s in the food- and what’s not!

And you might have seen those little turkey hand snacks floating around Pinterest…the ones with the popcorn and multicolored Goldfish crackers? I make these Popcorn and Goldfish Cracker Turkeys every year with unbuttered, lightly salted popcorn and just the smallest handful of crackers. Yeah, okay, so the crackers aren’t the healthiest thing but when we talk about once-in-a-while foods with our kids, it’s okay to actually let them have them once-in-a-while!

Popcorn and Goldfish Cracker Turkeys

Collection week is happening this week (November 16-23, 2016) for Operation Christmas Child. Whether you plan to host a neighborhood party or just make special memories with your family, it’s a project well worth it. Find out more at

As we countdown to Thanksgiving, I hope you can take a few minutes from all the busyness to spend time quietly counting your blessings. I am thankful for all of you!