Natural Grocers Opens Tuesday, August 11th 2015- Grand Opening Giveaway!

I attended a sneak peak for the new Natural Grocers location opening up in Scottsdale and there are a few little gems I thought I’d share with you about this new-to-The-Valley chain of health food stores.

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting- Tuesday, August 11th at 7:45 am

  • Grand Opening Giveaway! The first 100 customers on grand opening day will receive a mystery gift card- value revealed upon check out. Cards will range from $5-$100.

What makes them different?

Lots of great events- check out my seminar Back to School, Full and Focused!

Lots of great events- check out my seminar Back to School, Full and Focused!

  • All produce in the store is organic
  • Pre-packaged bulk items for sanitation and cross-contamination purposes (no worries about who was in that bin before you!)
  • 100% containment free dairy products (cows get to roam free)
  • Bag free (so bring ’em!)
  • Naturally raised meats
  • No irradiated foods to preserve food quality

What do I like most?

Natural Grocers has a unique connection with the community in which they serve. They offer health and nutrition classes (like the one I’m teaching August 22nd and 23rd!) and if you attend 4 of them, they give you a $10 gift card. They also offer community outreach and nutritional assistance in the store…

…though there’s still something to be said for a nutritionist who will come to you and answer texts all hours of the night (like yours truly 🙂

All in all, a neat add to the area- worth stopping in! Natural Grocers turns 60 on Thursday (August 13th)- no better way to celebrate a birthday than opening the 100th store right here in Arizona!

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