Juicing? Smoothies? And Why Does It Even It Matter?

I’m generally not a fan of fruit juices, especially not for kids (sorry Jack LaLanne fans). While there are some nutritional benefits associated with cold-pressed juicing, fruity beverages in general are one of the easiest ways to take in too many unfulfilling calories, even if they seem to be the healthiest kind. And even though the sugars are often derived from whole food sources, when you chuck the fiber you end up with one problem-

– after a brief sugar high, your kids are h-angrier than a baby bear coming out of hibernation.

Now I do believe that drinking those fruits and veggies can be a good way to get in a few extra servings, especially when it comes to kids who are anti-all-things-green. As opposed to juices, smoothies keep the fiber, something that’s critical when it comes to balancing out the release of sugars from fruit juices into those little bodies.

But what if you drop off your kid at sun up and don’t have time to make a smoothie everyday? And even if you do, has anyone really found a good way to pack a liquified spinach/spirulina/pineapple/banana concoction in a lunchbox?

Clients in my nutrition coaching practice often need shortcuts to fit their busy schedules. Prepared smoothie/juice blends may be the way to go. One such example is Daily Green’s Half Pint cold-pressed juice/ smoothie blend line (organic/vegan/non-GMO). These beverages contain at least 1 and upto 3 grams of fiber per serving, along with all those beneficial nutrients most avid juicers are looking for.

And you certainly won’t find that in a CapriSun (not even the 100% juice kind).

Another bonus- no added sugars in these babies. Mini celebration.

All set for the taste test with our panel of expert judges (ages 2-4).

Knowing that kids often reject foods hand-selected by their nutrient-scouting moms, I gathered a team of professional taste testers (a la my son’s preschool class) to try them out. While Peel Out (the banana/coconut/cocoa flavor) was by far the favorite, Berry Tasty was not far behind. To the surprise of the adults present, the Green Thing flavor (with spinach and mint) also did quite well.

You can find Half Pint exclusively at Whole Foods Markets. If the calorie/ sugar count is a bit higher than you prefer at one sitting, I recommend serving just half at a time. Knowing your child’s dietary needs will help you discern what serving size your child should receive- seek guidance from a nutrition professional if you need more advice.

This post was not sponsored by Daily Greens or Whole Foods. Samples were provided free of cost by Daily Greens.