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I'm just like you- in the past I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. As I searched for the right diet plan, I became frustrated by the amount of bad science (and flat out lies) out there. Weight loss shouldn't be so confusing!

And if you want the truth, why should you have to fork over thousands of dollars for nutrition counseling? Isn't it crazy that learning to eat well (something I think is a basic human right) is out of reach for the average person?

Well no more. Welcome to the place where calorie counting comes to die. Here, you'll discover what it means to make the best possible choice and put it into action. No dieting, no sad salads- real food for your real life. Food that will have you saying...

"Oh my nosh!"

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Restaurant Review- Modern Grove in Phoenix, AZ- Kids Eat Free!!!!

I'm a sucker for local eateries, especially ones that will let my kids eat for free. It gets even better...

They eat free any night of the week (with the purchase of an adult entree of course).

But even better still, Modern Grove in Phoenix, AZ has a cool vibe that's a great add to the neighborhood, not to mention a handful of meal options that are healthy AND delicious. To be honest, I never imagined that behind the burgers and mac n' cheese bites I'd find some surprisingly creative and healthy dishes.

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