Hi! My name is Michelle Shelton. My parents were recreational bodybuilders back in the ’80s.

No, really. Some of my earliest memories take place in a Gold’s Gym.

While most eight-year-olds don’t read nutrition labels for fun, that geeked out girl grew up and decided to start a nutrition coaching business.

Well, it wasn't really that easy.

I struggled with weight in early adulthood. And as a full-time working mom, my kids were eating God-knows-what on a daily basis. Dinners were an all out battle. And we were eating the same, boring meals. Every. Single. Day.



But I changed all that...and you can too.

If you’re confused by diets and food labels- I’ve been there too. And Lord knows my children are the real reason I became a nutritionist. Extreme? Maybe. But I’ve been able to empower others to navigate through seemingly endless tastings and tantrums to find some peace of mind.

So let’s stop the junk food addictions & picky eating, enjoy meals together, and get creative so you can feel good about what you (and your family!) are eating. Let’s have some fun and… NOSH ON!

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso