Should You Buy It: Protein Pasta

In today’s post I answer the question- “Is protein pasta a good choice?” When you look at grocery store shelves, protein is sort of the “it” nutrient among food producers right now. Protein powders. Protein bars. Protein breads. Protein Cheerios. And now protein pasta. Barilla Protein Plus Farfalle I’ve been asked a … Read more

Legoland Healthy Eating Guide

If you have seen my previous post about healthy eating options at Disneyland, I’ll warn you- this review for Legoland is far less… glowing. Despite the abundance of nutritious options at other theme parks (and in California in general), Legoland is full of your typical carnival type foods. However, during our day … Read more

The Juicy Secret Hiding in 100% Juice

If you are giving 100% juice to your little lovies, you won’t want to miss my post over at North Phoenix Moms Blog. Considering a juice cleanse? This is for you too! On a related note, there are some really wonderful contributors I’m blessed to write alongside over at North Phoenix Moms … Read more

Sneaking In Those Fruits and Veggies- Summer Style!

Whether your kids are out of school or merely counting down the days, summertime is upon us. Sure, NOW we’re excited about those homework free weeknights but by mid- July, the combination of long, lazy days and high fructose corn syrup laden treats are enough to drive you straight back into the … Read more