Healthy (and Allergy-Friendly) Easter Basket Alternatives

Easter is around the corner, and while I love those marshmallow chickies as much as the next girl, I’m so enough already with the candy holidays. Yeah, we still have Halloween candy in the pantry. Don’t judge. Blue Cross Blue Shield through its Nourishing Arizona program has come up with a few … Read more

A Recipe to Solve that Pesky Packing Problem!

One of my kids’ favorite snacks is apple slices with peanut butter. I love it too, mostly because it has that Trifecta of Fullness I’m always talking about (fiber, protein, fat) which keeps them feeling fuller for longer. But when it comes to packing lunches, this old standby leaves much to be … Read more

Flunking Lunch: Why American Schools Don’t Make the Grade

School lunches seem like a great bargain. For under $3, your child is supposed to receive a nutritious meal that covers all the basic food groups. But before you send your kid off with a fistful of dollar bills, there’s something you should know. I’ve surveyed school lunches across the country and … Read more

Packing Lunch 101: Snacks to fill a bottomless pit!

So I know I’ve spent some time recently talking about the things you might not want to feed your kids (like Veggie Straws or their school lunch). This month, I’m going to focus on discussing what you CAN feed them! The following cheat sheet is meant to take some of the guesswork … Read more